Read Christine Wald-Hopkins’ comprehensive profile of Fenton’s life and reviews of his books in Tucson’s Arizona Daily Star:

Watch the interview with Fenton and Kentucky Educational Television One on One host Bill Goodman discussing the new novel The Man Who Loved Birds and the recent reissues of earlier novels, Crossing the River and Scissors, Paper, Rock.

Listen to the conversation with bestselling author and activist Silas House about The Man Who Loved Birds broadcast on WUKY public radio, Lexington, recorded March 4, 2016, interspersed with really fine music selected by Silas for the interview.

Listen to (or read) the NPR Fresh Air interview with Fenton Johnson, which aired March 12, 2015:

Read Kentucky author Jason Howard’s fine summer 2013 profile of Fenton Johnson in the Louisville weekly magazine LEO:

For more information or to interview Fenton Johnson, please contact him.